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Helene Ha

LA + MTL based. Born in Paris.

Fluent in Filmmaking.


Featured Work

   Fiction / Music / Art   


Helene is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles and Montreal. With backgrounds from France, Spain, Vietnam, and North America, Helene is inspired by themes of diaspora, ethnical ambiguity, and female identity. With a keen aesthetic eye and an intensely human perspective, she skillfully weaves narratives into impactful stories. 


Her first narrative short, Merveilleuse, went on to garner Bruno Quiblier’s Coup de Coeur at the 2018 Cannes Marché du Film.


She was selected by the Government of Canada for a multi-year contract to direct a documentary web-series that sheds light on inspiring Canadian immigrants across the country.


She subsequently took on the directorial role for an episode of the acclaimed true crime series, Forensic Factor. Today, Helene continues to pursue documentary filmmaking and applying her experience to her commercial work.

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